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Williamson pump & motor for more than 75 years has represented, distributed, and serviced commercial, industrial, municipal & residential industries. Our sales engineers will identify the correct equipment solution for your application, whether that's an aftermarket part off the shelf or a custom prefabricated package system.

Our capital sales team works with engineers to promote the most efficient pump systems solutions for your new construction needs. Capital projects include Sewer systems, dewatering systems, and boosters.

New England's leading pump and motor specialist. Servicing all manufacturers of pumps, motors, controls & air compressors makes for residential, municipal, power generation, pulp & paper, food & beverage, wastewater, pharmaceutical, agriculture, manufacturing, chemical, and petroleum.

Our Connecticut location services the state of Connecticut and New York.

Featured Product

Keen Submersible Chopper Pumps


Chopper pumps are Keen's solution to highly demanding wastewater applications in the collection systems market. The largest problem customers face in the wastewater industry is the clogging of non-clog pumps and downstream piping. Keen chopper pumps solve clogging with a unique. patented chopping technology that pulverizes even the most troublesome solids in waste stream.

Keen chopper pumps provide immense value to customers including superior solid size reduction, high reliability, ease of servicing, ability to upgrade, and low life cycle cost. Keen provides this value to customers in the form of market-distinguishing features like nonjamming hardened chopper parts. ceramic coated liquid end, high-temperature motor, moror grounding rings, heavy-duty bearings, and explosion-proof construction.

Our Promise

  • Our promise to call customers back same day.
  • Our promise to get you back up and running faster than our competitors.
  • Our promise is to deliver exceptional service, exceptional cost savings & options to make every situation easier.
  • Our promise is to do all repairs to factory specifications and tolerances and to supply the best option for repair or replacement. Our services include sandblasting, testing electrical components, and painting.
  • Our promise is to provide the very best turnaround time and commitment to our production schedule to deliver the best customer service in the business.
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