Engineered Packaged Systems

With today's rising costs, packaged systems are extremely popular.

Advantages of Packaged Systems

  • Solution for both new construction and retrofit.
  • Easily add more modules for future expansion.
  • One single submittal for approval vs. individual submittals for each component.
  • Effectively reduce total cost of ownership for all project stakeholders (Contractor, Consultant Engineer, End User)
  • Space saving due to optimized space utilization.
  • Skid built in parallel during building construction saves time
  • One single invoice/ payment for all works.
  • Overhead savings including project management, logistical
    coordination, insurance expenses, etc.
  • No surplus or extra components left after fabrication by the contractor.
  • No construction delay due to
    missing one single component order, wrong delivery, or defective component.
  • Assembly within a controlled environment by certified technicians and welders using approved work methods and procedures.
  • Factory assembled, wired, and tested complete.
  • Avoid unpleasant site safety incidents and lost days as we tremendously minimize job site man-hours.
  • Longest factory warranties in the business.


Custom Packages

Williamson customizes designs and fabricates custom packages tailored to your specific requirements, including; equipment from manufacturers of your choice, pumps, motors vfd, buildings & more.

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