About Us

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Our solution to your problem – Unexpected and undesirable downtime due to the loss of power, plumbing problems, old equipment malfunctioning or any other reason can be costly, dangerous; and can prevent you from attaining your production goals. At Williamson Pump & Motor, it is our primary mission to help you in the process of both preventing and resolving your problems anywhere in your facility.

Don’t get nervous – Our electricians, service technicians, and sales representatives are ready to assist you with your electrical/mechanical problems.

​ With over 70 years of business experience, our field technicians, shop technicians, industrial electricians and sales personnel will give your problem all the attention needed to find a definitive solution.

Our technical expertise and products are used in several industries such as government facilities, property management, educational facilities, water & sewage plants, municipal utilities, industrial facilities, residential, manufacturing plants, hospitals, etc. Our extensive list of clients includes Northeastern University, the City of Methuen, the City of Newton, etc.

At Williamson Pump & Motor we…

  • Offer 24/7 Emergency Service
  • Employ trained, certified & licensed technicians
    • OSHA 10
    • Confined space trained
    • Factory trained
  • Have state of the art – fully equipped shop. Technicians with 200+ combined years of experience.
  • Use overhead cranes to lift in excess of 20,000 pounds.
  • Have a large fleet of over 25 service vehicles to provide you with excellent service, and meet all your pick up and delivery needs.
  • Distribute a wide range of motors, pumps, controls, drives and industrial supplies.
  • Offer preventive maintenance on all systems.
  • House over one million dollars of inventory available in our warehouse for your day to day emergency needs.